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Event summary

The Polish Science Contact Agency ‘PolSCA’ of the Polish Academy of Sciences and Information Office of the Wielkopolska Region in Brussels would like to thank all speakers and participants for their valuable contributions as well as the fruitful discussions during the WiSER: Women in Science and European Research event of 4th December 2020. Over 150 participants from Poland and Europe followed the event!

Due to the coronavirus outbreak in 2020 it was, unfortunately, not possible to hold the event in the form it had been originally planned. We very much would have liked to welcome you all in Brussels in person. Nevertheless, we are convinced that together we made a small step towards more gender-balanced scientific world, even in this online format.

You are invited to watch the recording of the event and to learn more about its content by reading 1. the summary of the event including its key messages  (3 pages), and 2. the full report containing detailed transcription of the meeting (10 pages).